DIY Carpet Cleaning: Professional Cleaning Tips That Every Homeowner Should Read

If you are about to clean the carpets of your home all by yourself instead of choosing professional cleaning agencies, you need to wisely choose your equipment. These cleaning equipment are available on the rent and can be bought as well. However, if you are investing in home cleaning equipment, you need to be very careful about choosing the right equipment for carpet cleaning.

Ensure that the carpet dries quickly

The equipment you choose must have adequate vacuum power to dry the carpet within a few hours of cleaning. There are many home cleaning appliances that lack the required vacuum power to dehydrate the carpets within a short turnaround. Keep in mind the over-wetting may damage your carpet. If your carpet is left in wet condition for more than 24 hours, it may cause permanent damage to your carpet. Moreover, bacteria and fungus may develop over time which may damage your carpet from inside.

Never use too much of detergent

Cleaning TipsYou should use cleaning detergent with a pH level of 10 or less and should use non-sticky detergents only. A carpet cleaning solution should have the right mix of chemicals to squeeze out the dirt and debris from the carpet. If you choose a solution with a higher pH level, it will not clean the dirt effectively. Instead, you have to wash and clean your carpets again for removing the detergent. It can be really irksome to clean the detergent residue. Professional cleaning service providers recommend using clear water for rinsing and washing the carpets.

Do not breach the carpet warranty guidelines

Have you carefully read the instructions on the warranty card of your carpet? If you read this section carefully, you can find clear and concise cleaning instructions. Make sure that you are not violating these guidelines. This is because breaching these instructions may result in the warranty becoming invalid. Optical brighteners and bleaches are best to avoid within (or after) the warranty period. Refer to the carpet user manual for detailed cleaning instructions.

Use fans to dry it faster

You can use multiple fans to dry up your carpets faster than usual. Moreover, if you can use air conditioner or dehumidifier for the purpose, it will accelerate the process. A carpet should ideally dry within 6-12 hours.

What if you cannot manage it yourself?

There are many homeowners who start the carpet cleaning job with much enthusiasm, but finally mess up due to their inexperience and lack of the right equipment. If you are not sure whether you can clean your carpets using a DIY guide or something and you fear that you cannot do it correctly, you should contact professionals. There are cleaning pros in London who have extensive experience in cleaning all types of carpets and they can help you with professional cleaning guidelines and can also clean your carpets for a price.