Clean pans properly

This gives you maximum enjoyment from your frying pans and do not have to fret about unnecessary scratches and scuffs , there are a few rules that you should consider when cleaning and care.

In principle, pans not in the dishwasher. You should also refrain clean it with a steel sponge just in coated pans. This not only leads to scratches, but also destroys the coating and makes the cup unusable. Oil residues have burned into the surface , enter into the most clear water and a little detergent and cook briefly once.

The rinse aid helps the grease to separate from the pan. Caution: in some places the coating has already solved, may lead a boil with water and detergent to the fact that the pan is also attacked. However, you should generally not use a pan with a resolution coating , since the material can settle in the food.

If you record something of the coating with the food , which is not bad, because almost all new products are equipped with a health-safe coating.

Also ceramic pans may scratch when cleaning with steel wool quickly due to the sensitive surface. That would be very annoying because not for nothing that the often brightly colored ceramic coatings are very popular with many young chefs who also value the appearance of their kitchen equipment in addition to modern aids.