10 tips for care of Faucets

Whatever your extraordinary material, the fittings are in a bathroom – they always need special attention . Finally, they also serve as a showcase for the house and its inhabitants. Neat bathroom fittings exude not only elegance but also cleanliness and hygiene. We have put together ten effective care tips to prolong the life of the instrument :

1. Read the manufacturer’s instructions.

In order not to risk the expensive fittings, eg Damaging Hansa, you should always inform in advance , as the fittings are best to clean. It should be noted , in any case, the use of cleaners, which are also suitable for bathroom fittings. Do not use hydrochloric acid or acetic acid -containing cleaning agents, as well as phosphorus-containing cleaners and those with chlorine bleach . Absolute no -go : mix cleaners. Not only bad for the good Hansa fittings , but also for the health!

2. The mix of quality and quantity.

Interested parties need to be cleaned. This makes sense to the extent , but regular cleaning helps the unloved calcareous deposits on the good fittings to halt . You should also , which is especially delight impatient , let the cleaner work for any longer than necessary , or even more focus , otherwise the surfaces are attacked.

3. Do not spray directly.

In such cleaners should be avoided this spray directly onto the valve , as the cleaner otherwise deposited in cracks and openings and cause damage in the long run , the material it at all costs. Dear spray on the cleaning textile and so then scrub the fittings. Then rinse with clean water !

4. Also helping the helpers.

It depends not only on the means but also the type of application. Sponges with scratchy surface or rough cloths are not suitable to clean the valves – but you should use this lint -free wipes . High quality luxury fittings with gilt seal are particularly sensitive and therefore should only be cleaned with a soft leather cloth and clear water.

5. Brush preventive.

The longer valves suffer from calcium deposits , the harder it is their removal . Only through regular brushing can counteract this. To the lime really to master , you should dry the fittings after use with a soft, dry cloth. Sounds expensive , but worth it for the result.